Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor: Super Fight Prediction

The Stuff of Ringside Dreams!

by Sam Locke


The Sweet Science is truly sweeter thanks to Mayweather’s acceptance of the Conor McGregor challenge. The parties took a very long time to get all the details right but the fight will finally happen this coming Saturday night, at the T-Moblie Arena in legendary Las Vegas.

This is not your regular Saturday night boxing match, in fact, it’s something that has never really been seen before: two very contrasting disciplines will showcase their finest for a fight of unprecedented and explosive betting opportunities. The UFC and boxing fans will finally put to rest that endless tirade about which one is best and which one the toughest, and it must be acknowledged that both Money and The Notorious are excellent expositors for each of their camps.

That being said, McGregor, for all his high hopes and general comfortable demeanor, is probably going to get his boxing awakening in the rudest of ways; Mayweather is not only the proud bearer of a undefeated record of 49-0, he’s also known for his tight and effective defensive skills and for his aggressiveness on the ring. In very simple terms, the shortage of a certain kicking aspect will leave McGregor short-handed to face a rival who knows his turf, and all too well.

Reality Check

The Notorious reminds me of that other guy who sang with Puff Daddy back in the 90s… or is it P Diddy now? I can’t keep up anymore. – He sure knows how to bring a paying audience to his mixed martial arts matches and doing this cross-over to the pugilistic pond has probably doubled the earnings for the producers, but that is just as far as his success story will go. He’s just too much a novice in the field to stand any chance whatsoever against Mayweather; It would take some incredible and completely surprising strategy by McGregor to topple such a giant.

Where’s the Money?

The odds for this fight are naturally siding with Mayweather: BETMANIA has Floyd at a -650 money line price and a 9 1/2 Total, with the costs going up on the under. I’m pretty sure he will bring the fight to an early wrap but I would not necessarily risk my buck on the fight going either total rounds direction, McGregor hasn’t really shown us what we he can do on the boxing ring yet so I think it best to be a bit cautious and hold out on that one. Oh, but by all means, bet Mayweather; he may be pricey but he’s worth every penny.

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