NCAA Opener: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Indiana Hoosiers Prediction

Measure by Numbers.

by Sam Locke


College Football fans see in the OSU vs. Indiana game the first real opportunity to find out what the season may actually have in store for us. The Ohio State Buckeyes had a very healthy run last year, until they were made to bite the dirt by Clemson with a 31-0 defeat just over new year’s. They are back for revenge and the Hoosiers are too small a foe in the Big Ten to withstand their powerful offense, as lead by veteran QB  JT Barret. The Buckeyes will play at Indiana in Memorial Stadium @ 8 pm. You will be able to watch the game on ESPN.

That is not to say that Indiana has already lost the match hands down. Defensive Coordinator Tom Allen has taken on the helm for the team as new coach, looking to continue to improve Indiana’s performance on the receiving end. The Hoosiers managed to better their defense by the end of the season, by limiting their opponents yardage to only 385 in average per game, from nearly 600 yards in the start.


Experience makes ALL the difference


Playing at any team’s home stadium may prove a daunting challenge to any squad, no matter how good or threatening they may appear before the host. However, this isn’t quite the case this time around, as although the Hoosiers will play home at Bloomington, the sheer size of their opponents’ offensive capabilities and the bad blood collected over Ohio State’s last demise before Clemson will stir them up sufficiently to guarantee a no-holds-barred barrage.


Ohio State is headed for a strong season, aided by the professional lead of QB JT Barret. While many may argue that isn’t the finest quarterback in the history of NCCA football, his long and outstanding record (with over 24 TD and nearly 900 rushing yards just last year) will find a way to impose itself over a defensively-weaker Hoosiers, who allowed close to 28 points per game in the previous season. The Buckeyes cut their enemies access to only 16 points per game in average.


The Report Card


Perhaps we should pay more attention to their ATS numbers in order to better understand how will the game better develop in strictly betting terms: BETMANIA currently has the Ohio State Buckeyes at -21 point spread, with a 57 total points over/under. The Buckeyes made about 40 points per game just last season, and the regular point differential for all their wins (11-2 SU) didn’t really fall anywhere lower than 20. Urban Meyer’s team also achieved a remarkable 11-2 ATS during 2016, while the Hoosier’s only collected 6 plain wins with an equal number of ATS victories.


Can the Buckeyes cover the spread?


My answer is a confident Yes. Apart from aforementioned JT Batter, the Buckeyes also hold the powerful cards of linebackers Chris Worley, Jerome Baker and running back Mike Weber. Expect Ohio State to cover the spread successfully, if not by too great a margin, it’ll sure be sufficient give the Buckeyes their first ATS success of the season.


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