NFL Hall of Fame Preseason: Cards vs. Cowboys Prediction

NFL Hall of Fame: Cardinals vs. Cowboys Prediction

by Sam Locke


The NFL’s Hall of Fame preseason game may not be on the top of most bettors to-do list, but it should never be underestimated as an action opportunity either, as it offers a pretty decent glimpse into the coming season’s outlook for two well-established NFL teams. The Arizona Cardinals will meet the Dallas Cowboys at Canton, Ohio this Thursday @ 8pm ET.

Traditionally, both brands called for the Hall of Fame showdown are linked to personalities previously picked for the Hall of Fame prestigious member club, and this year isn’t the exception: Dallas’ own general manager Jerry Jones and Arizona’s QB Kurt Warner will be honored this time around.

Brief history recap aside, let us now turn our minds to the betting strategy offered by the Hall of Fame game:

The records clearly favor the Cards, having outperformed the Cowboys in every general sense during the 2016 season. Dallas’ preseason history spells clear trouble for Romo’s old team, by managing a depressing 2-10 ATS score over the last 3 years. The Cards have been able to cover their spreads more successfully on their last 4 games.

The Check-list

Carson Palmer won’t be playing on Thursday, and Drew Stanton is posed to fill in his shoes, while receiver Larry Fitzgerald will do his part also to guarantee that Arizona makes a strong statement to break the ice of the season; they seem more posed to snatch a victory that could help them set a successful offensive tone in the games to come.

Cowboys’ rookie lineup might just be the key to defeating the Cards; by ushering recent acquisitions Ezekiel Elliot and already-famous QB Dak Prescott into the field, Dallas also makes its bid for a victory, while hopefully giving a positive curve to their recent report card.

My Prediction

It’s never been easy to issue a confident betting prediction on the Hall of Fame games, as they are -in fact- the very testing ground for football fans to measure up the season ahead. Odds makers have taken their good time to make their minds on this one, and it is very easy to see why; Jason Garret’s team is, in strict technical terms, the worst bet of the two, for no matter how favorable the spread may be, the probable thing is that… they won’t cover it. Pick the Cards: whatever the points, they’re more likely to meet the mark.


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