NFL Preseason: Texans vs. Panthers Prediction

Texans go to Charlotte to face the Panthers for their Preseason Debut

by Sam Locke


There ARE things to look forward to in the first NFL preseason game for both Texans and Panthers: their combined records for the 2016 season aren’t quite what fans would hope for, but Cam Newton’s return after a long recovery and rookie Deshaun Watson’s likely new role as stellar QB for the Texans are good reasons alone to merit the attention, and maybe even a few betting bucks invested here and there.

The South divisions of the AFC and NFC will be well represented on Wednesday night (August 9th, 7:30 pm ET); the Houston Texans will make the journey to North Carolina’s Bank of America Stadium looking to pin another preseason victory, confident that last year’s perfect 4-0 ATS score can and will be replicated. The Panthers are a whole other animal this time around; even though preseason games aren’t usually the instances where teams put all their best cards out for play, Carolina will try to vindicate last season’s several faux pas with a strong lineup.

In and Out of the Hospital

‘Tis truly terrible the way professional football claims so many severely injured players every year, virtually crippling any given team’s chances to follow whatever strategic course they set up for themselves, and the Panthers are one such unfortunate example of that. Cam Newton’s absence proved fatal for Carolina, who struggled to get through the season with a tragically unsuccessful offensive line. All and all, even if Newton stayed out of this one, back-up QB Derek Anderson is expected to do just fine.

Houston’s JJ Watts has already recovered from his back injury but it is unlikely we will see him just yet, and Will Fuller’s broken collarbone will keep him out of regular duty for a good three months, possibly even more.

Deshaun Watson or Tom Savage?

The question in everybody’s mind is who will lead the Texans now that the quarterback post is up for grabs. Tom Savage seems like the natural choice, from a purely professional turf-experience perspective, even though his record isn’t really as extensive:  hardly 5 NFL games on his report card thus far. I would like it better if newcomer Deshaun Watson was given the opportunity to show some of what he did with Clemson, although he is poised to ruffle some feathers on the way up, it’d be simply foolish to let such a promising talent waste away in the benches because of… “politics.”

My Prediction

There’s lots more I would like to write about for this piece, but I think it best if we let it play out before I get too ballsy and cast a projection of either team’s season outcome. In the meantime, let us keep our eyes fixed on this particular match, in order to better understand how things will eventually unfold. I would put my money on the Panthers for sho! – Carolina needs a win to make a powerful comeback statement. BETMANIA currently has Carolina favorite with a -3 spread, with a total number somewhere around 36 and half.

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