Show you have the skills to get a share of our $10.000 prize pool! Fill your $10,000 NFL Playoff Bracket predicting the winner all the way from the Wild Card round to the Super Bowl LVI.

For every $300 deposited in your account between December 24, 2021, and January 15, 2022, you will get one (1) entry to our $10,000 NFL Playoff Bracket. For example, a $300 deposit will award one (1) Bracket Entry. However, if the deposit is $600, this will award two (2) Bracket Entries. Bracket Entries are accumulative, so every deposit counts. The more you deposit, the more entries you will get, and the more chances you will have to win.

What fun would a bracket be without great prizes? So we have lined up to $10,000 in prizes that will reward you for having one of the best brackets!


  1. Deposit $300 or more.
  2. Go to the bracket system here: and login with your account info.
  3. Click on "CLICK FOR NEW PICK" and guess the winners of all 13 games of the 2020/21 NFL Postseason, including Super Bowl LVI.
  4. Click on "SUBMIT ENTRY".
  5. Good luck!

$10,000 Bracket - TERMS AND CONDITIONS

  1. Grand Prize: $4000 Cash 
  2. Second Place Prize: $2000 Cash
  3. Third Place Prize: $1000 Cash
  4. From 4 to 8: $200 Free Play
  5. The Prize winners will be determined based on accumulating the most points during the tournament.
  6. In case of a tie, places will be decided by both selection accuracy and time of entry submission. The entry that was submitted earlier will be deemed the winner.
  7. Accounts with more than one (1) winning entry will only get the higher prize awarded.
  8. Any dishonored deposit will invalidate a participant's entry and disqualify them from winning any prize.
  9. $200 Free Play Prize carries a 4x rollover.
  10. Winners will be announced on the website on Monday, February 14, 2022.

$10,000 Bracket GENERAL RULES

  1. The $10K Bracket objective is to accumulate the most points by correctly selecting the "winning team" for each of the NFL playoff games up to the Super Bowl LVI. There are thirteen (13) NFL Playoff games, including the Super Bowl LVI, for a max total of 13 points.
  2. Entries that are not submitted in the ("Entry Selection Period") will be forfeited.
  3. For every $300 deposit, one (1) entry will be given. For example, a $300 deposit will get you one (1) Bracket Entry. However, if you deposit $600, you'll get two (2) Bracket Entries. Exceeding deposit amounts are not accumulative for Bracket Entries. If the deposit is not multiple of two hundred ($300), whatever is left won't be counted towards the next deposit. For example, a $650 deposit will qualify for two (2) entries. The exceeding $50 won't count towards another entry in the next deposit(s).
  4. We reserve the right to make the final judgment on all matters on the $10K Bracket Contest, including the right to change or modify the rules or prizes or to discontinue or extend the contest without prior notice. Any changes will be immediately published on the competition's home page.
  5. If a winner is disqualified, we reserve the right to determine an alternate winner.
  6. We reserve the right to verify the validity of any entry and disqualify any entrant who forged, manipulated, hacked, or tampered with the entry process or submits an entry that is not in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  7. We are not responsible for the misuse of any prize.

IMPORTANT: The ("Entry Period") of the 10k NFL Bracket Contest begins on Friday, December 24, 2021, and ends before kick-off of the first game of the Wildcard Round scheduled for Saturday January 15, 2022.

The 10k NFL Bracket Contest ("Selection Period") begins on Monday, January 10, 2022, and ends on Saturday, January 15, 2022, immediately preceding the first Wildcard Round game kick-off.

All picks will lock ("Lock Time") at the scheduled first Wildcard Round game kick-off on Saturday, January 15, 2022. Entries not submitted in the ("Selection Period") will be forfeited.

Winners will be announced on the Bracket landing page on Monday, February 14, 2022.