Move it to YOUR Favor! – BETMANIA’s Buying Points Betting Guide explains how you can buy points on Football and Basketball spread lines and totals only. Players choose this option whenever they feel the available point spread might be too sharp to cover on its own, they can add or deduct up to 1.5 points in straight bets and 1 full point in parlay legs.

Buying Points Example:

Denver Broncos -6 (original point spread) $110 to win $100

Buying ½ point...

Denver Broncos -5½ (new adjusted line) $120 to win $100

The standard cost of buying points is 10 cents per each half point, however, some key point spreads may involve an extra charge: you can buy points ON 3 in Football with a surcharge of 30 cents but you cannot buy OFF 3, also, you can buy ON 7 for a 25 cents surcharge, while buying OFF will cost you 30 cents instead. This is due to both 3 and 7 point spreads being fairly common occurrence in football total scores

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