Multiply your WINS! – With our Parlays betting guide you will learn how a parlay bet is a combination of 2 or more straight bets in a single ticket of increased winning potential. This classic sports bet type is hugely popular among action fans, as it promises stupendous rewards for a minimum risk. The higher the number of parts in your parlay bets, the greater the value of your parlay's payout; build your own parlay with the hottest action picks from BETMANIA's Sportsbook to reap fantastic rewards.

Parlay Example:

Parlay Bet with:

A + B + C + D = 4 Team Parlay

All parts must win. $100 bet pays $1100

Propositions, future bets and circled games cannot be parlayed, however, you may combine sides and totals in the same parlay bet. Keep in mind that landing a tie/push in any of your parlay's parts will have your bet revert to the immediate lower level of surviving legs, with the resulting decrease in potential payout.

Parlay bets will be paid according to the odds shown in the Parlay Payouts Chart appearing below:

Parlay Payouts

2 TEAMS 2.6
4 TEAMS 11
5 TEAMS 22
6 TEAMS 40
7 TEAMS 75
8 TEAMS 120
9 TEAMS 250
10 TEAMS 400
11 TEAMS 800
12 TEAMS 1500
13 TEAMS 2500
14 TEAMS 5000
15 TEAMS 10000

Important Parlays Facts:

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