Can Tyson Outbox Roy Jones?

Can Tyson Outbox Roy Jones?

Can Tyson Outbox Roy Jones?

We know there are a few months left before 'Iron' Mike comes back to the ring on November 28, but we can't help but fall into the hype of this incredible return at 54 years of age.

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Not only is he looking healthy, sharp, and in top shape, but he is going to box against one of the best pure boxers of all time in Roy Jones Jr. These were two elite punch traders in their prime, and certified legends in the sport.

But there's a question I've been circling since the fight was announced. The matter of fact is that this is an exhibition, no KOs are going to be present -or so says the promotor-, and it is a fight for fun, with two athletes going back to the squared circle to battle for charity.

Now, Mike Tyson has certainly looked in top form in his videos with power and speed that would frighten many men, not Jones Jr., who, in his prime, was one of the fastest and most potent hitters on his right. This is going to be a fun fight for boxing fans to bet on.

Tyson is regarded as one of the most potent punchers of all time, and the most feared heavyweight in history. But Jones is considered to be one of the best boxers regardless of weight class, period. So the question is:

Can Tyson put on a decent performance taking into account that he won't be relying on his KO power?

I think no, but he won't be dominated either, and here's why: first of all, is an exhibition, Roy will take it easy on his gas and let Mike have some shine. Secondly, Tyson is quite a prolific boxer. His power just happened to outshined his technique. His fights were usually seconds long so that he couldn't express his boxing technique, but don't get it twisted; he is a good boxer from the fundamentals.

Since Tyson won't be knocking Jones out, due to the contest's nature, he will have to dig deep into his tools and boxing proficiency to have a fun, entertaining fight and not look rusty against a Jones who last fought in 2018. Mike's last professional fight was way back in 2005.

We will have an awesome nostalgic-driven fight, that we'll watch because it's Iron Mike at the end of the day, one of the biggest draws in sports. No, he won't outbox Jones Jr, but sure as the Earth is round, he will have his moments to shine.