NBA 2020 Top Players On Each Team

NBA 2020 Top Players On Each Team

NBA 2020 Top Players On Each Team

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Twenty-two teams will engage in battle on the court as no place for error is allowed. In the Western Conference, 13 franchises are still running as nine are dueling on the East to be on the first eight seeds of each side and go to the playoffs.

Orlando is the host city, and many players have opted out of participating due to coronavirus fears. This has also led some free agents to immediately find a home to compete for a very coveted NBA ring.

Here at Betmania, we look a little bit further. In this article, we will look at each competing team's best player, the ones responsible for giving their franchise an opportunity for glory.

Eastern Conference

  • Milwaukee Bucks: the first seed and -by far- the best team in the Eastern Conference is a straight contender to win it all.

-- Best Player: Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis is a killer, the reigning MVP, and one of the best five players in the NBA, no doubt whatsoever. Giannis is a force, but his perimeter game lacks sustainability. Still, there is no one in the East to contain the 'Greek Freak.'

  • Toronto Raptors: Current champs are still a dominant side and look to upset the Bucks in their quest for a two-peat.

-- Best Player: Pascal Siakam. The Cameroonian is by far Toronto's best player. A versatile power forward that can handle the ball and then drive to the basket. Sporadically can shoot the three, defensive presence, Siakam is a dog on the court.

  • Boston Celtics: The most championships in history, but 12 years of drought, can the Celtics regain their throne in basketball?

-- Best Player: Jayson Tatum. We know Kemba Walker is a baller, but when it's all said and done, Tatum can defend, score from everywhere, and when he is on his zone, he is pretty much unguardable.

  • Miami Heat: The revelation team of the Eastern Conference, the Heat is filled with young dogs and led by an incredible coach in Erik Spoelstra.

-- Best Player: Jimmy Butler took his talents to South Beach and made an immediate impact on the team. Butler does a bit of everything, scoring 20 points per game, with six rebounds and six assists.

  • Indiana Pacers: The Pacers are a well-coached team with rising stars and can be a tough matchup in the playoffs.

-- Best Player: Tough here, as common sense would say is Victor Oladipo, but he hasn't played much since returning from a grueling injury and hasn't confirmed his play in Orlando. We are going to go with Domantas Sabonis then.

  • Philadelphia 76ers: An underwhelming season for the Sixers whose chemistry went off after JJ Redick and Jimmy Butler left the team.

--Best Player: Joel Embiid. We all know Embiid is a monster, but his foolishness has cost his team, and he tends to hide from the biggest moments. On his day, a talent like no other in the NBA.

  • Brooklyn Nets: Probably the most affected team. They won't count with Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Jordan, and Kevin Durant. Also, Spencer Dinwiddie is positive for Covid-19 and is still doubtful to play.

--Best Player: Looking at who's available, we have to go with Caris Levert, he is a good scorer and quite clutch.

  • Orlando Magic: The current eighth seed in the conference is sort of the local team, but home advantage is all but null in this resumption.

--Best Player: Nikola Vucevic. Orlando doesn't have a 20 point scorer, but Vucevic's output is of 19 points and 11 rebounds per game.

  • Washington Wizards: the only team out of the eight seeds to participate in the Eastern Conference is five games behind the Orlando Magic.

-- Best Player: Bradley Beal is the only high-quality player this team has active. He is on another level and is the only hope Washington has to get into the playoffs.

Western Conference

  • Los Angeles Lakers: The best team in the Western Conference and an automatic contender for the championship.

-- Best Player: LeBron James. Arguably the MVP for this season, LeBron, can guide any team into glory if accompanied correctly. In the Lakers, LeBron has found his groove with Anthony Davis as his partner.

  • Los Angeles Clippers: The biggest threat to the Lakers' aspirations, LA's second team, is ready to leapfrog the purple and gold.

-- Best Player: Kawhi Leonard. The Klaw has established himself as the conqueror of the NBA. The best two-way player in the league, Kawhi Leonard is an absolute killer, clutch, and a silent assassin of hopes. Board man gets paid.

  • Denver Nuggets: A highly-organized franchise that can beat any team on a given night. The Nuggets represent a dark horse in the West.

-- Best Player: Nikola Jokic. Jokic is arguably the best big man in basketball. Scoring, rebounding, and passing all in one 7'0 frame. If Jokic takes over, it means Ws for Denver.

  • Utah Jazz: The Jazz is the first team affected by Covid-19 when both C Rudy Gobert and SG Donovan Mitchell got caught by it. Chemistry is in question as the locker room may not be too happy with Gobert's carelessness.

-- Best Player: Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell is an elite scorer in the league and a certified all-star, he can take over at any moment in the game, and there is no way back.

  • Oklahoma City Thunder: A team that wasn't expected to reach the playoffs. The Thunder has been upsetting every single opponent and wants to keep proving everyone wrong going into the postseason.

-- Best Player: Chris Paul. One of the best floor generals the game has ever seen, Chris Paul proved he is far from done with incredible level during the season, commanding a young core to the West's fifth seed.

  • Houston Rockets: A somewhat troubled team, still represent a threat to any top team if their stars can align.

--Best Player. James Harden: If Harden can put his choking aside, he is the best scorer in the league, waiting to get a championship on his resume. 

  • Dallas Mavericks: An exciting brand of basketball starred by two European stars, Dallas is not an easy team to overlook as a possible giant killer.

--Best Player: Sophomore Luka Doncic is already a top-ten talent in the league, a triple-double machine, and a clutch gene nurtured in the EuroLiga, Luka Doncic is capable of reaching considerable heights to lead his team.

  • Memphis Grizzlies: The last team in the playoffs now, the Grizzlies hit the jackpot in the Draft and are having instant results.

--Best Player: Rookie sensation Ja Morant is wasting little to no time to make a statement in the league. Morant's mission is to not fall out of the playoffs, and then is just game by game for the rookie.

  • Portland Trail Blazers: After reaching the Western Conference Finals in 2019, the Blazers are now in pursuit mode to qualify for the postseason.

--Best Player: Damian Lillard. Dame time loves the big moments and lives for the big shots. Lillard can put pressure into the Grizzlies. He is a man on a mission.

  • New Orleans Pelicans: The Pelicans made a second-half push after getting their rookie icon back from injury. No margin for error as the Pels try to catch up and enter the postseason party.

-- Best Player: Zion Williamson. Zion is fast, strong, dominant, hungry, and has the tools to push for the playoffs as his squad is also one that complements his skill set correctly.

  • Sacramento Kings: The Kings are a competitive team with a high-pace style that can complicate their opponents. Sacramento is 4.5 games below the Grizzlies.

--Best Player: DeAndre Fox is a younger version of a Russell Westbrook. He brings fast pace, good transitions, and can score and facilitate. He has never faced high expectations, though.

  • San Antonio Spurs: Can the Popovich Spurs finally be out of the playoffs? Nothing is said and done, but chances are doubtful for the usually reliable and pragmatic team.

-- Best Player: LaMarcus Aldridge. Aldridge is a veteran who knows how to find his rhythm. He has both good post movements and a deadly mid-range fade away.

  • Phoenix Suns: The Suns are almost dead, so their trip to Orlando can become grey very soon, but having a young, exciting core with a star in their team can light some hope into their spirits.

-- Best Player: Devin Booker. D-Book is a superstar whose light, ironically, has been shut down by the Suns. This season, however, Booker has been on a tear, named to the All-Star Game, and averaged over 26 points and six assists per game.

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