2020 March Madness Betting Odds

2020 March Madness Betting Odds

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Apart from the Super Bowl, March Madness is the most exciting period for sports bettors. Instead of having just a single option, bettors have 68 games to bet on.

March Madness Betting Odds: How to Read Lines

When you check out the betting lines available at Betmania.ag, the odds displayed will look something like this:

  • North Carolina -223
  • Kentucky +195

These are the odds for a standard Money line bet. To make this type of bet, all you need to do is to pick a given college basketball team to win the game straight up.

Now, there’s a minus and a plus signs displayed next to each one of the two teams. The minus tells you who the favorite is while the plus signals the underdog for the match.

So, if you pick North Carolina, the favorites in our example, you will need to risk a total of $223 to make $100. Kentucky, the underdogs, will pay you a lot more while risking less. In our +195 example, you will need to risk $100 to earn $195.

Betting Options

The info above is about how the money line works, but there are other betting options you can take advantage of:

Point Spread:

You are betting on one of the two teams, but with a twist. This is because you will be gambling on how much a given college team will win or lose by. Before the game takes place, the underdog or less favorite is given an advantage, while the favorite to win the game is given a slight disadvantage.

Here’s an example:

  • Marquette -9.5
  • Villanova +9.5

To cover this spread, Marquette will need to win by 10 points or more than that. Villanova, on the other hand, can lose the match by 9 points or less, and you will still get a winning bet.

Total Points:

Any basketball game, whether the NBA or NCAA will be a high-scoring affair. This gives you the option of betting the OVER / UNDER related to the combined scored of both teams at the end of a given game.

For example, let’s say that there’s a game between Duke and Villanova, the final combined score is 240, and your bet is on the OVER 220.

So, the combined score was, in fact, over the 220-line setup by the Betmania, and this means that you got a winning bet in your hands.


These are the bets that you can make weeks and even months in advance of your chosen sporting event. For example, you can make a bet in September on the team you believe is going to get the NCAA Basketball title when everything is said and done with March Madness.

Let’s say that you take an underdog team with odds of +2000. This means that you can bet $100, and you will get an incredible $2000 in return!

With that said, make sure to analyze your wagering options thoroughly to make the very best decision instead of just risking $100 on a wishful pick.


A parlay is a combined bet. That is several straight bets stacked up into a single one. When you bet a parlay, all the options inside the bet must be winners, or you will lose the bet. But, if there’s a tie for one of the chosen games, then a 5-team parlay will become a 4-team parlay with adjusted March Madness Betting Odds.


Props are short for propositions, and these are bets where you bet on specific events that may or may not be directly related to the outcome of the game.

Here are a few examples:

  • Total of minutes a given player will play – Over / Under
  • Will the match will go to overtime – Yes or No
  • Total of assists by a given player – Over / Under
  • Player A vs. Player B: Which of them will score the most points.

Live Betting:

Making bets while the game is taking place is also possible thanks to live betting lines.

This means that you can make bets not just before the game or during the half. Instead, you can bet all the time, as the game unfolds.

The lines for live betting are fast-moving. So, they can be up for a few seconds, and then completely gone.

For this reason, it a great idea to oversee these live lines, so you can catch the best possible live March Madness Betting Odds at the very right time.

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