Best NFL Bets in 2020

Best NFL Bets in 2020

NFL Season is steadily coming close, and futures and prop bets before the season are perfect because of the profit they can give you in return. Also, you can get the best deals for them by betting early.

Here, we give you the best bets for the upcoming NFL 2020 season. Register at BetMania and get access to the best NFL lines and live football betting action on the web.

Win Totals

The win totals bets are long-term (of course) but can be very profitable if made correctly. These are the win totals best bets: 

Even though we all know teams like the Jacksonville will go under the mark of five games, it is not that clever as the return isn't worth it, but you better look at teams like the New York Jets, whose O/U is of 6.5, and the under, pay $115 per $100 bet. The Jets have an awful head coach and, even with talent on their roster, their schedule is one of the toughest, so that's a good wager.

Another total win bet that can be profitable is Green Bay over nine games, which is +110. Green Bay is one of -if not the- biggest loser in offseason, but with Aaron Rodgers and his two partners in crime in Aaron Jones and Davante Adams, you can never discount them. After all, they just went 13-3 and reached the NFC Final.


The MVP race in the NFL is as unpredictable and contested as anything can be. Who would've guessed a first-year starter in Patrick Mahomes would throw for 5000+ yards and 50 TDs? Who would predict Lamar Jackson would tear the league up in his second year after a first one filled with highs and lows? Or how come certified hall of Famers like Drew Brees and Russell Wilson have never won one? That's the beauty of it.

For this year, you can look at a Lamar Jackson-esque scenario with Kyler Murray, who has an improved O-Line, added DeAndre Hopkins to an already good receiving corp, and has Kenyan Drake in the backfield. Murray is +2500.

You could also put some bucks into Drew Brees' case. Now he has yet another deadly weapon in Emmanuel Sanders to join forces downfield with Michael Thomas. Brees and the Saints are in for a treat as Drew is listed +1600.

Long Shots:

The NFL is no stranger to long shots, and you can see two AFC teams in the run to be the 'long shots' of the season. Those franchises are the Indianapolis Colts and the Los Angeles Chargers, albeit for different reasons. 

The Indianapolis Colts are +2500 to win the Super Bowl but have an experienced new QB in Philip Rivers, and an incredible roster all-around to compliment Rivers arm. 

The other team is the Los Angeles Chargers. They are the ones who let Rivers go to add rookie Justin Herbert with the sixth overall pick in this year's draft. Los Angeles is as stacked as a team can be, but the dilemma of having a rookie QB has them being overlooked at +4500.

In the NFC, there are plenty of teams who can compete to go to the Super Bowl. Their level is also quite even. However, if there is a long shot in the NFC, it has to be the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings are +2500 to win the Super Bowl and are often a step down the contenders because of their QB Kirk Cousins. Cousins is not elite, but he is not a scrub either, he just went to Pro-Bowl. So if the NFC is your territory looking for a long shot, check on Minnesota.

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