Buffalo Bills Betting Odds

Buffalo Bills Betting Odds

So Close and Yet So Far

In 2017 The Buffalo Bills completed their first winning season since 2014 under new Head Coach Sean McDermott. With a 22-16 victory over the Miami Dolphins on the last day of the regular season, the Bills also were able to clinch a Wild-Card Playoff spot, their first foray into the playoffs in 22 long years.

They lost that game 3-10 to the Jacksonville Jaguars, breaking the hearts of the football-crazy fans in Buffalo, but also planted a seed of hope that there are better things to come. One thing is for sure, Buffalo Bills betting now becomes a possibly lucrative activity after so many years of futility.

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Changes in the lineup for 2018

Heading into this year, the big acquisitions so far have been DT Star Lotulelei from Carolina, QB AJ McCarron from Cincinnati, and QB Josh Allen and LB Tremaine Edmunds with the # 7 and #16 picks in 2018 draft.

The big addition here is of course Allen, who the Bills will be banking their future on. The young QB threw for over 5,000 yards in only three years at Wyoming and was projected to go first in the 2018 draft, which was full of talent at his position. The Bills are very lucky to have been able to nab him at #7.

Edmunds has also impressed so far, garnering praise from the coaching staff during training camp for his poise and adaptability to the Bills systems.

The Bills appear confident that Allen will be their starting quarterback to start the season, as they have no other QB competing for that spot currently. This may be a risky move, considering that the Bills are already a team in transition from doormat to playoff team. If Allen can't step in and produce right away, the Bills will have some tough decisions to make.

The Bills' roster is one in the midst of change. Defense looks to be vastly improved over last year’s unit with Lotulelei, Edmunds and cornerback Tre’Davious White in the fold. White is the only member of last year's squad, and he stood out with 69 tackles, 18 deflections and 4 interceptions.

The Bill Stops Here

As for departures, The Bills sent steady-but-unspectacular quarterback Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns as part of their negotiating for Allen, leaving a void at the position in the short term. The hope of course is that McCarron can fill the spot in the meantime, should Allen need time to develop.

In addition, A.J. McCarron is expected to be an improvement over Taylor. The plan is that McCarron can give the Bills with a quarterback that more closely fits their vision.

Finally, the Bills play in the AFC east, where the only realistic threat are the New England Patriots. With any type of fortitude and planning there should be no problem for the Bills getting points from weaker divisional foes such as the Dolphins and the Jets.

Unfortunately for the Bills, there are not many easy games after those four. The Bills play three different playoff teams from last year in their first five games, plus a game against the Green Bay Packers with Aaron Rogers throwing the ball in week 4.

Therefore, the Bills will have to come out strong at the beginning of the season or else they will have a mountain to climb towards the end if they want to get back in the playoffs.