XFL Betting Odds: Players with an NFL Future

XFL Betting Odds: Players with an NFL Future

XFL Betting Odds: Players with an NFL Future

Although the XFL has been marketed differently, this is a much-needed developmental league that perfectly fills the gap between the NFL and collegiate ranks.

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The new league’s tagline is “for the love of football,” but players certainly aren’t loving their compensation as salaries are not even nearly close to what NFL players get. A player that will be spending time at this new league knows what his goal is: to make it to the NFL soon. Many of the players that make up the XFL rosters are those who weren’t able to find a spot at the NFL after the 32 53-man rosters were completed.

And so, these talented players are undoubtedly happy as they will get the chance to prove NFL scouts that they do have what it takes to be a part of their teams.

Promising Young Talent

Younger talent, on the other hand, will get the chance to show the same NFL scouts that they are ready for pro-action without having to go through the tedious 3-year college requirement.

The following players are 27 or younger, and they are the current top XFL prospects that are likely headed for the NFL:

8 - Jarron Jones / New York Guardians / OT:

Jones was part of the 2017 NFL draft class, but according to scouts, he was lazy. But Jones performed amazingly well during Week 1 and has proved his critics wrong.

First, he was able to convert from defensive tackle to offensive tackle, which is no easy task at all.

Second, from a performance point of view, he showed that he possesses excellent movement skills, despite being a 320-pound blocker.

7 - LaTroy Lewis / Houston Roughnecks / OLB

When a given defender can consistently apply pressure on rival quarterbacks, he’s considered a valuable asset. Lewis was terrific versus the Wildcats at Week 1, finishing with two sacks, three quarterback hits, two tackles for loss, a defended pass, and a forced fumble. Even when he wasn’t able to reach the rival passer, he still was able to make his presence felt in the backfield, allowing his team to put pressure on New York’s offensive, and finally grabbing the 37-17 win.

Lewis already spent time in the NFL with the Titans, Raiders, and Texans, and his performances at the XFL can earn him a ticket for the next NFL season.

6 - Austin Proehl / Seattle Dragons / WR

If the XFL is successful, Proehl will always be remembered as the player who scored the first touchdown in the rebooted league. He was part of the 2018 NFL draft selection, getting selected as a seventh-round pick.

He was picked by the Bills as the 255th overall, then transferred to the Titans, and after just one day as part of Tennessee; he got signed for the practice squad for the LA Rams.

After getting waived due to final roster cuts, Proehl found a place with the Dragons. Proehl will be trying to perform at his best, to make it back to the National Football League.

5 - Cardale Jones / DC Defenders / QB

Jones, who played just a single NFL game four seasons ago, got some MVP chants during the first quarter of his team’s first XFL game. This was no surprise, as many expect Jones, who’s 6’5 and weighs 265 lbs., to become the face of the XFL.

But expectations are nothing if a player doesn’t produce, and thankfully for the league’s image and the player himself, Jones did a great job during Week 1.

He was able to complete 16 of 26 passes for 235 yards and two touchdowns. And so, NFL phone calls are likely to start hitting Jones after the first season of XFL 2.0 is over.

4 - Donald Parham / Dallas Renegades / TE

A player with excellent physical conditions is likely to get a look by NFL scouts, but that factor alone doesn’t guarantee that such player is going to secure a spot in a given roster. Parham is a perfect example of this. Just a season ago, he looked like a fantastic example of a prospect an NFL franchise might want to take under its wings to develop it.

He spent minicamp with the Lions and then spent a brief time with the practice squad for the Redskins. A couple of issues finally prevented Parham from finding a long-term place in the NFL:

First, he didn’t begin playing football until his very last year of high school. And second, he’s a bit heavy, which makes him a slow target.

Perhaps, a lot of fieldwork will allow him to become proficient in the areas where he lacks so that he can be given a brand new choice of turning into a piece of an NFL franchise roster.

3 - Nelson Spruce / Los Angeles Wildcats / WR

Nelson used to hold the Pac-12 Conference record for career receptions until last season when Gabe Marks of Washington State surpassed him.

In the NFL, he played for the Rams, the Bears, the Chiefs, the Chargers, and then moved onto play for the San Diego Fleet of the AFF for a while before such league filed for bankruptcy. Now he has turned into the XFL’s receptions leader, with eleven so far. He also became the first player in the young history of this league to eclipse one hundred receiving yards in a single XFL game.

All in all, Spruce is a reliable receiver with glue-like hands, and the chances are that this will be the only season we will see him wearing an XFL uniform.

2 - P.J. Walker / Houston Roughnecks / QB

This guy just found himself in the right place at the right time.

He spent a total of three seasons with the practice squad for the Colts before accepting the opportunity of playing for the Roughnecks.

He was amazing during his first performance with the team, helping Houston to get a precious 37-17 victory over the Wildcats. He finished this game with 26 rushing yards, four touchdown passes, and 272 passing yards.

Indeed, his time with Houston is likely to help Walker to turn into a much more accomplished passer, and this is what he needs to get a return ticket for the National Football League.

1 - Kenny Robinson / St. Louis BattleHawks / S

Robinson is probably the model a lot of young players will follow. He’s using the XFL as a real alternative to playing college football.

The rules at the NFL states that a player must spend three years away from high school to find himself eligible for the draft. Robinson already spent two seasons with the West Virginia Mountaineers, and he decided to play that final college year at the XFL.

He wasn’t all that surprising during his first game with the BattleHawks, but he can turn lethal for rivals if the right talent surrounds him.

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