Should the XFL Return?

Should the XFL Return?

Should the XFL Return?

American Football has had one face and one face only throughout history: the NFL. No one dared to compete with them, and the few that tried failed miserably. One of those was the XFL's first attempt. Then time passed, and the XFL returned for 2020 with a different mentality, not to compete, but to complement NFL's long offseason with football action.

It was going great, and people were starting to attend, watch and even pick sides within the league's eight teams. First XFL stars were emerging, as it's the case of Houston Roughnecks QB PJ Walker. Sports betting fans were starting to enjoy XFL betting and Betmania was working hard to offer the best XFL odds and prop bets.

However, as you obviously know now, coronavirus struck, and XFL's first season ended prematurely. But some questions arose from this.

Will the XFL return this season?

No, XFL has publicly stated that they won't finish this season, but are expecting to return for 2021 and years after that.

So... no champion?

The Houston Roughnecks were 5-0 at the time of postponement and were the clear favorites to win it all thanks to PJ Walker's talent. However, it appears that XFL's debut season will go blank as to who the monarch is. The throne will be up for grabs, and no defending champions will be trying to regain the crown.

Was the XFL doing good numbers? 

Actually, yes. Not NFL numbers, but good enough. Broadcasted by Fox Sports, FS1, ESPN, and ABC, the XFL had a huge momentum reinforced by prominent media outlets. Plus, you know, football always calls. 

Taking Week 5 out, XFL was watched by over a million people, even outrating the NFL Combine on ABC. We're not taking Week 5 into consideration since coronavirus was already attacking the world's biggest sports.

What will happen with the players?

XFL announced that they would pay all players their base pay and benefits regarding this season. XFL ticket holders will also be refunded. So, on the good side, players and teams will still be paid what was agreed on each contract. Kudos to that.

Should the XFL return?

From a logic and monetary perspective, yes. The league was positioning itself in a good manner and was entertaining to watch. Nonetheless, there are some difficulties that the XFL may face. First and foremost, players had a one-season contract, meaning that rosters can be very different as to what they look right now. Their stars could opt to try for the NFL or just not come back to the league, and the identity and faces of the XFL could be tarnished.

Second, we'll have to wait and see if the broadcast outlets would want to go back and transmit XFL throughout the world. And thirdly, there are no storylines, no defending champs, no interest or hype of what 2021 season could hold for fans. 

We will update you with the latest XFL info as soon as new official releases come out, for now, be sure that when the XFL comes back, Betmania Sportsbook will be ready with the best XFL betting odds for you.