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Let us introduce you to a convenient method available for funding your account.

ZPay is going to turn into your new favorite method to make your deposits with us!

The reason is simple: ZPay allows you to make fast deposits that don’t involve any transaction fees at all! In other words: you can send all the deposits you want, and you will never get charged a single cent for it!

Set Up Your ZPay Account

Here’s how everything works, step by step:

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1- First, download the ZPay app and check if your bank is available. If you are having trouble finding the ZPay app, please contact us for assistance at 1-888-406-2642.

2- If your bank actually works with ZPay, it’s time to sign up. So, click on the ZPay option, and then follow the instructions that appear on the welcome pop up screen.
3- The first screen will prompt you to choose your desired bank account. If you have many, pick up your favorite, or just choose your only account with the bank.


4- Next, you will need to verify if you want to start sending money using your phone number, or your email address. You’ll then need to verify your email or phone.

5- If everything worked out fine, you’ll get a “success” screen.


Start Sending Funds with Zpay – How-To

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1- All you need to do to send us your deposit with ZPay is to log into the application and select your bank. Then, you’ll see a “Send Money Now” button at the pop-up screen you’ll get, so just press it to continue.

2- If you have different bank accounts within the same bank, the next screen will prompt you to choose the one that you want to use to make the transfer.
3- Continuing with the pop-up screen, you’ll need to add our email address on the next window you’ll be shown.


4- Once the transfer is made, your next step will be to get in touch with us directly via phone at 1-888-406-2642, and let us know about the transfer. After we confirm that everything went smoothly, you’ll see the funds deposited into your account right away.

5- That’s it! That was actually the last step in the process, and you can now start getting your action.


If you need extra information regarding this particular method, feel free to contact us at 1-888-406-2642 at any given time!