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Betting is a science, and we want you to tackle this complex discipline with the best tools in the industry. BETMANIA is proud to introduce the MANIADVANTAGES plan, a player enhancement program designed to improve your winning chances and take you to the next level.

BETMANIA has selected 3 top sports by their general popularity; review each MANIADVANTAGES carefully and choose the right one for you. Click on the images for each program to learn more.


(Football & Basketball Only): get a-107 Football or -108 Basketball juice deal. Applicable on sides and totals through the entire season.


(Football & Basketball Only) BETMANIA EXCLUSIVE: save your well-invested betting dollars with our Crazy Teaser Odds; get a discount on Regular 2 Team and 3-4 Team Special Teasers. Ties in your Crazy Special Teasers no longer mean losing your bet!


(Basketball Only): Burn the nets with our Free Half Point Happy Hour on sides and totals. Applicable Monday through Friday, between 2 & 3 pm ET.


(Baseball Only): pay less for your baseball plays. Receive a regular season long Dime Line plan. Applicable on baseball money lines up to -190 price.


Search your bettor's heart: pick the one sport you enjoy betting on the most. Plan your strategy with care: each sport has its particular time slot in the yearly calendar; select the plan that better applies to your action of the next three months.

Load it Up!

While our MANIADVANTAGES are available to all players, only deposits of $300 or more are eligible for the program.

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Don't let the action stop: the more you play the more MANIADVANTAGES you can add to your plan. Contact our support staff to get information on your action volume and to review the possibility of enrolling additional programs.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" - said the great roman philosopher Seneca, and he wasn't mistaken. Don't leave it all to chance; take the MANIADVANTAGE that better fits your action and prepare to enjoy betting like never before!

Make sure to become familiar with the Rules and Regulations applicable to this program before completing the enrollment process.

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Not all deposit options are eligible for the plan; call our friendly Customer Service Staff @ 1-888-40-MANIA(62642) or click our LIVE CHAT option for detailed information on valid funding alternatives.

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Blast the boards with BETMANIA's exclusive MANIADVANTAGES. Open your account and choose one of our unique player enhancement plans for an improved betting experience. Get Reduced Juice on Football and Basketball, receive amazing teaser discounts with our Crazy Teasers, maximize your baseball bankroll with our MLB Dime Line program or join our Slam Dunk Hour club and get a free half point for your Basketball plays.

Don't stop there! Earn more MANIADVANTAGES as you keep playing! Contact our Customer Service Department at @ 1-888-40-MANIA(62642) or click our LIVE CHAT option for detailed information on how to receive more MANIADVANTAGES

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