It is very important you become familiar with the different virtual casino rules and regulations applying to our 2 available Virtual Casino platforms before engaging in any virtual casino action. It is the player's sole responsibility to acknowledge and follow all the dispositions and guidelines shown herein. BETMANIA will not hold itself responsible for any omission or disregard for our Virtual Casino Rules.

BETMANIA follows the highest quality standard in the execution of its available services and betting products. Our casino software has been thoroughly tested to guarantee performance and fairness. BETMANIA's Virtual Casino Odds also follow industry standards in order to ensure the just allocation of wins and winning likeness.

Please read and acknowledge the following Virtual Casino Rules and Regulations:

General Rules

  1. Players must be at least 18 years old, or be the minimum valid age that is legal for gambling in their state or legal territory, in order to be eligible to use our Casino software and Casino services.
  2. All information provided upon signup to the Casino by the Player must be complete, full and accurate. If any information is provided incorrectly, especially regarding the player’s contact information, thus hindering contact between the player and the Casino, the latter reserves the right to close the former’s account and/or void any and all winnings.
  3. All information provided by the Player during sign-up or promotion registration, is protected by the strictest of confidentiality. Nevertheless, the Casino and/or its partners may send out notices to the Players. The Player may unsubscribe at any time they see fit.
  4. The Player agrees to accept any and all outcomes of game results from the Casino’s game servers. The Player also agrees and completely accepts that the outcome of the games be determined by the Casino’s random number generator.
  5. Regarding casino winnings, it is not our responsibility to report them to any government/governmental entity. This is solely the Player's responsibility. The Player has to comply with local regulations involving any applicable taxes or deductions on any winnings received from the Casino.
  6. Before processing any cash-out (i.e., withdraw winnings), we may ask the Player to provide a photo ID and proof of address for verification purposes. In order to validate accounts, the Casino reserves the right to request additional information.
  7. For any deposit made to the Player’s account using a credit card, the Casino requires an authorization form plus a front copy of the credit card.
  8. Concerning any and all costs, expenses, damages, and liabilities that may arise resulting from A) the Player's entry, use, or reuse of the website, B) the Player's entry, use, or reuse of the Casino's server, C) the Player's use of any materials at the website, D) the Player's participation in the Game, or, E) the Player's acceptance of any prize: The Player hereby agrees to hold the Company, its employees, officers, directors, distributors, wholesalers, licensees, subsidiaries, affiliates, promotion, advertising, or any other agencies, agents, media partners, and retailers harmless and shall fully indemnify same from any and all expenses, costs, liabilities and damages that may result from their participation in our Casino services.
  9. The Casino believes in and encourages responsible gambling; thus, Players may request to be excluded from our software at any time they deem fit.
  10. Should the Casino determine that a Player has committed fraudulent activity or abuse of promotion, it reserves the right to close their account at any time.
  11. The following are not eligible to use the services provided by the Casino: Casino company employees, its affiliates, and any agency working with the company, along with their immediate families.
  12. The Player is solely responsible for ensuring the security and privacy of their account number and password, and hereby agrees to ensure that, without limitation, no other person, third party, and/or minor uses his/her account, access, information or materials from the website, participates in the Casino games, nor accepts any Prize. The Player will also be solely responsible for any purchases and/or losses taking place on or by his/her account.
  13. Methods for withdrawal: the Casino reserves the right to process withdrawals made from Casino accounts using –wherever possible-- the same method(s) that were used to fund the account; if there should be a delay in the withdrawal process, the Casino will then seek out the best possible method available to adequately process the withdrawal.
  14. The Player agrees that all financial account transaction requests be handled by the Casino and/or by a payment processing company on the Casino’s behalf, hereafter referred to as “Payment Processor”. The Player will also agree that the Payment Processor reserves the right to withhold any payments should the latter have reason to believe or suspect that the Player has engaged or is engaging in any activity deemed as unlawful, fraudulent, or improper, and/or collusion.
  15. In case of a dispute, all decisions made by the Casino will be considered final. If a Player should wish to submit a complaint, they may immediately do so by contacting the support personnel at 1-888-24MANIA (62642). After they provide the support personnel with all specifics regarding said dispute, an investigation will ensue and the Casino will then notify the results to the Player.
  16. Third-party payment processors enforce limitations which, in some cases, give rise to your withdrawal being split up into multiple payments, each one of them with their own approval time.
  17. The Player must agree not to dispute any deposits made into the Casino; the former will likewise not dispute any charges, make charge-backs, and/or cancel, renounce or otherwise reverse any due payments. In the event of such an instance, the Player hereby agrees to compensate and/or refund the Casino for said unpaid payments, including any expenses generated by the payment collection process and incurred by the Casino.
  18. The Casino reserves the right to add and/or suspend any of their games/services without prior notice to its Players.
  19. If the Casino should consider a Player to be using a robot program or any other method of altering the outcome of the games, the former reserves the right to block that Player’s account and void any and all winnings, plus return the deposit to the Player.
  20. Third-party processing limitations/policies may vary the maximum amounts permitted regarding withdrawal amount paid or processed, or regarding processing intervals, to/for any given player.
  21. The Casino reserves the right to refuse or withhold bonuses or winnings if any payment service should cancel or deny the funds.
  22. Should the following incidents occur, the Casino reserves the right to disqualify winnings:
  23. More than one active account without prior approval by management, at the Casino;
  24. If and when the Player’s name on the Casino account doesn’t match the name on the credit card(s) used to make the deposit into the account;
  25. Registration information that is incorrect or false;
  26. If and when it is determined that the Player is using a professional betting and/or gambling pattern, such as using an even bet pattern while betting on roulette games;
  27. Any disputed charges or “charge back”, made deliberately by the Player, for any monies deposited into their Casino account or into any of our sister casinos’ accounts;
  28. If the Casino should discover that the Player is cheating, or used a given system (such as computers, software or form of automation), the latter will be reimbursed all deposits and their account closed permanently.
  29. If and when another individual has been permitted or allowed by the Player (whether intentionally or unintentionally) to use the Player’s Casino account;
  30. Winnings earned due to a system malfunction or a game error will be void.

Promotion Rules

  1. Any promotional bonuses are Non Cashable, unless specified otherwise by the Casino. Bonus monies are specifically to enhance play, or else to help the Player generate winnings, but they are not to be withdrawn as part of the winnings.
  2. Claiming a bonus: the Player must redeem it before placing any other bets with their deposit. If the Player has trouble redeeming the bonus, it is their sole responsibility to contact the Casino’s Customer Support for assistance. Upon wagering the deposit, the Player forfeits their right to any promotion on that deposit.
  3. •  Players cannot redeem additional promotional offers (unless approved by management) if they have a balance or a pending cash-out. The Player may not combine promotional offers. In case this should occur, winnings will be void.
  4. Any and all winnings generated from a promotional offer that a Player is not entitled to use will be forfeited and the original deposit will be returned to the Player.
  5. Casino Bonuses are all subject to a rollover requirement, and this may vary depending on the promotion. The players must fulfill this rollover requirement for cash-outs to be allowed. Our Virtual Casino Bonuses section has more information on each promotion’s qualifying games, plus the rules that apply.
  6. Rollover Requirements:  Wagering requirements are determined by the deposit amount + fees covered (if any) + bonus amount x rollover requirement unless otherwise specified.
  7. The Casino will reserve the right to modify/cancel a promotional offer without prior notice, and at any time it deems necessary.
  8. Any canceled withdrawals will not count toward a bonus of any type, unless the payout is approved by management and it is re-deposited into the Player's account with the Player's consent.
  9. Any time a Player exceeds the maximum cash-out on a bonus, monies will be removed upon requesting a payout.
  10. Maximum Withdrawal: Some promotions show a maximum cash-out amount. Our Virtual Casino Bonuses section has more information on the maximum cash-out amount that applies in each case.
  11. Any and all promotions are listed under EST (Eastern Standard Time) (North America).
  12. Welcome bonuses are limited to one promotion per Player, per computer, per family, per address, unless previously and specifically agreed to by Casino management.
  13. The Casino management reserves the right to refuse/cancel promotional offers at any time it deems necessary.

Find a complete listing of BETMANIA's house rules and other important player guidelines in our General Rules section. Get in touch with our Customer Service staff @ 1-888-40-MANIA (62642) or click on LIVE HELP to obtain additional assistance with our player regulations.