Win TWO in a Row!

Daily Doubles bets consist of a racebook bet where the player chooses the winning horse in two consecutive races of the same track. Most tracks offer the "Early" Daily Double, involving the 1st and 2nd races, while a "Late" Daily Double is also very often offered for the last two listed races. Some tracks may also feature a "Rolling" Daily Double, where players choose the winning horse in any two consecutive races.

Double Wheel (Daily Double):

"Wheeling" your Daily Double bet is the best way to minimize your risks when you don't feel excessively comfortable about either horse pick in a daily double, by allowing you to bet a Key Horse (hopefully, with excellent winning odds) on the first or second race, plus, EVERY competing horse from the other race.

Daily Double Wheel Example:

Santa Anita, Race #1 & #2.

Daily Double Wheel with 5 and ALL.

In this bet, the player is choosing the 5th horse to Win the first race, while betting on every listed horse for the next one. Likewise, if the player requests a Daily Double Wheel with All and 5, he's betting on every competing horse from the first race plus the 5th on the second.

Formula for calculating the cost of a Daily Double Wheel bet: number of horses in first leg times number of horses on the second leg, times your bet's value.

Daily Double Part Wheel:

A Part Wheel bet option from our online racebook allows you to further refine your Wheel's picks with the aid of your own handicapping experience. In this bet type, you're basically making a Daily Double Wheel with a key horse for the 1st or 2nd races, while excluding every horse you don't believe will win on the next one.

Daily Double Part Wheel Example:

Turf Paradise, Race #1 & #2

Daily Double Part Wheel with Horse 4 WITH 1, 3, 4, 7 and 8.

In this bet, the player is choosing a Daily Double with the 4th horse to win the first race, while betting ONLY on horses 1, 3, 4, 7 and 8 on the second.

As with a regular Daily Double Wheel, the cost of the bet can be calculated by adding the number of horses in the first leg times the number of selected number of horses in the second leg, times your bet value.

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