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Exacta bets in horse racing betting are where the player chooses the first two finishing horses in the exact same order; in other words, you're selecting the Win and Place positions in perfect sequence. This racebook bet type is recommended whenever you feel extremely confident about the outcome of a race. Many tracks also offer two variations to the exacta formula, them being the Exacta Box and Exacta Wheel. The standard minimum cost of an Exacta bet is $2 and horse racing tracks will determine the resulting win amount.

Exacta Box:

This Exacta bet type allows you to increase your winning chances by providing the player with every possible finishing combination for your selected horses, that is to say, if you've chosen horses A and B to finish first and second in a regular exacta, the box option will place an extra bid on horses B and A to Win and Place. This is particularly useful when the player is unsure as to which horse will finish first and which will end up in second place. The Exacta Box option also allows you to box more than two horses, however, please keep in mind that with every new addition the cost of the bet will increase accordingly. Players have the option of placing a single $1 Exacta Box as well, with the corresponding payout decrease of 50%.

Exacta Box Example:

Del Mar, Race #3

Exacta Box with Horses 2, 4 and 8. (3 Horse Picks).

In this bet, the player is making an Exacta Bet with every possible Win and Place combination between horses 2, and 8, that is: (Exacta 2-4) + (Exacta 2-8) + (Exacta 4-2) + (Exacta 4-8) + (Exacta 8-2) + (Exacta 8-4).

Formula for calculating the cost of an Exacta Box: (horses in box) x (horses in box minus 1) x (dollar amount of the bet).

Exacta Wheel:

The Exacta Wheel is a convenient additional version of the popular Exacta bet that enables the player to pick a Key horse to end up in first position, while making several selections for the likely winner of the second spot. You may also invert an Exacta Wheel to include any possible horse that may end on first place with your best pick for the second position.

Exacta Wheel Example:

Churchill Downs, Race #5

Exacta Wheel with Horse 3, WITH 2, 6 and 8.

In this bet, the player is making an Exacta Wheel with the following Win and Place combinations: (Exacta 3-2) + (Exacta 3-6) + (Exacta 3-8). The cost of an exacta wheel increases with every additional horse selection.

Important Tip: Some horses do not necessarily like to win, by allowing other horses to pass them without making an extra effort to win the race. This can be easily determined by simply looking at their past performances. If for example, their racing record indicates that they have won one race and have finished second six times, then, you may want to place multiple horses in the Win column and the horse that usually finishes in second place in the Place column.

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