More horse racing styles than meets the eye!

Horseracing is a discipline commonly associated with the Thoroughbred type, which involves 2-3-year-old purebred and quasi-purebred horses of great stature and size, running on oval turfs of a predisposed length and surface, however, other racing types include the fairly popular Quarter and Harness racing types. These feature different breeds of steeds and mares, of varying sizes and abilities, that run on longer/straight courses instead.

Thoroughbred Racing: This is the world-leading and standard horseracing discipline, with purebred horses of the most pristine and legendary lineages run against each other upon tracks that normally span over 1 - 1/2 miles in distance. Thoroughbred racing can take place on turf, dirt or even surfaces made of synthetic materials. The biggest purses are found within this category, with fantastic prizes offered to the winners of the grandest races on the planet, among which we find the Kentucky Derby, Belmont and Preakness stakes.

Quarter Horse Racing: While not as famous or well-known as its thoroughbred counterpart, quarter horse racing has steadily earned in popularity and now stands amongst the most rewarding horse racing types in the industry. Quarter horses are different to thoroughbred horses in stamina and size, with larger hindquarter muscles that allow them to run at greater speed, but generally smaller than their big league relatives. Most quarter horse racing is conducted on flat straight tracks, allowing for faster and more exciting races.

Harness Racing: Tracing its history back to the classic chariot races of antiquity, Harness horse racing is fairly different to the other flat race forms. In this racing type, horses are hitched to a wheeled cart, often as light and aerodynamic as possible in order to guarantee the best speed. Harness racing is restricted to standardbred horses only and the tracks in which these races are held vary slightly from the Thoroughbred racetracks, without inner rails and other features that may endanger the safety of the horses and drivers alike.

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