Be a STRAIGHT Shooter!

Horse Racing Straight Bets is another way of referring to the easiest and most common forms of racebook bets. To be more precise, this comprehends the Win, Place and Show bet types; the Win position is that of the first horse finishing the race, Place position befalls the second and Show belongs to the third best. The standard Win, Place or Show bet minimum bet amount is $2 US.

Naturally, the Win position takes precedence above the rest, and the resulting winnings will depend on how likely the picked horse is to win the race. Underdogs will often return your faith with a fantastic reward, while the favored horses will pay considerable smaller amounts.

Betting on Place can be advantageous in two ways: you can collect winnings if your selected horse finishes either first or second. In a similar way, betting the Show position provides you with three chances to win depending on the final outcome of the race. For this to happen, your horse must either finish first, second or third. Your winnings may not be as great as the two other top spots but your chances are automatically tripled.

Across the Board:

Additionally, if the player wishes to bet on one horse to win either of all three top positions, then, Across the Board is the way to go. This simple racebook straight bet allows you to place a stake on the Win, Place and Show spots, all at the same time. This cost for this combined bet can be calculated by taking the minimum straight bet risk amount and multiplying it by 3.

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