Watch your Step! – If-Bets are practical way to minimize your losses, learn all about them in our If-Bets Guide. In this type of bet, the player is allowed to place two individual bets, with the second being dependent upon the outcome of the first; if the first bet Wins, Pushes or is Cancelled, then, the second bet will have action. If-Bets sequences must always be made all on the spot, without exceptions.

If Bet Example:

New England Patriots -5 $110 to win $100.

If it WINS, TIES or is CANCELLED, then...

New Orleans Saints +4 $110 to win $100

  • Only if the first bet on the Patriots wins, pushes or is cancelled will the second one have action. If the bet on the Patriots loses then, your second bet is cancelled.
  • The starting time of the involved matches does not define the order of an If Bet sequence. Whichever bet the player chooses to be the first one will have precedence over the second, even if the latter bet takes place before the original one.

Unlike other bet types, If Bets may consist of wagers of varying amount. Players will be required to lay the combined figure of the risk amount for each of the IF Bet parts from the very start, however, if the secondary leg is cancelled due to loss, push or cancellation, then, the second bet's investment will be returned to the player's balance.

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