Play it BOTH Ways! – Our Reverse Bets Guide will teach you how you can use this attractive way to minimize your risk and maximize your wins. Reverse Bets are 2 team If Bet wagers that play in both directions. Every reverse bet will be regarded as an Action Reverse, meaning that the first part to play will determine the outcome of the next: if your 1st bet wins, pushes or is cancelled, the 2nd bet will have action. The cost of this particular sportsbook bet type will be that of a single straight bet.

Reverse Bet Example:

Part A: Bears -5 $110 to win $100

If it WINS, TIES or CANCELS: Packers -14 $110 to win $100

Part B: Packers -14 $110 to win $100

If it WINS, TIES or CANCELS: Bears -5 $110 to win $100

Reverse Payouts work in the following way:

  • If both teams win +400
  • One win, one loss -120
  • Both teams lose -220
  • One win, one push +200

-Reverse plays do not allow for open spots. Regular If Wager rules also apply.

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