Feel the RUSH! – With our Teaser betting guide you will learn how Teaser bets work, these have grown in popularity with the sports betting audiences over the years, thanks to their uniquely challenging and thrilling nature. In this bet type the player is allowed to buy points in groupings of 2 to 8 football and basketball straight bets; keep in mind that, while you may combine sides and totals in the same wager, every single part in it must win in order for you to win your teaser bet.

Regular Football Teasers allow for 6, 6½ & 7 points adjusted to the original spread, while Basketball Teasers permit for 4, 4½ & 5 points instead. With the exception of two team teasers, where a push and a win represent a push, a tie on a regular teaser part will have the teaser bet revert to the surviving number of bets. A loss and a push in a 2 team regular teaser will result in a loss.

2 Team Regular Basketball Teaser Example:

Cavaliers +4 (original spread) + 5 adjusted points: new teaser line is +9

Celtics -3 (original spread) + 5 adjusted points: new teaser line is +2

Our Teaser Betting Guide wouldn't be complete without the Special Teasers and BETMANIA's own Crazy Teaser Odds. Receive 10/13 points in your Special Football Teasers (3 & 4 Teams respectively) and 7/9 points for your Special Basketball 3 & 4 Teaser bets. Pushes in Special Teasers constitute an immediate loss.

Mixed Regular Teasers Football/Basketball

2 TEAMS-110-120-130
3 TEAMS+180+160+150
4 TEAMS+300+250+200
5 TEAMS+450+400+350
6 TEAMS+700+600+500
7 TEAMS+900+800+700
8 TEAMS+1100+1000+900

Mixed Special Teasers Football/Basketball

3 TEAMS10 / 7 PTS-120

13 / 9 PTS


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