San Francisco Giants Betting Odds

San Francisco Giants Betting Odds

In terms of games won, the San Francisco Giants are the best team in the history of baseball. They originated in New York as the Gothams, and in 1886 changed their name for good to the Giants. In 1958 they moved to California along with the Brooklyn Dodgers to establish a Major League presence on the west coast.

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The team was founded by Tobacco tycoon John B. Day, entering the National League in 1883 as the Gothams. They played out of Polo Grounds and were the MLB’s star franchise in the early years of the league, winning the pennant is 1888 and 1889. They fell off after some shakeup in the front office but returned to prominence in the early 1900s, winning the pennant in 1904 and the World Series in 1905.

Between 1905 and 1937, The Giants continued their greatness. Although they would not win another World Series until 1921, they won the NL pennant five times in that span and would continue to repeat as NL champs in 1922, 1923, and 1924. Their next World Series win did not come until 1933, and the team had up and down years after that, thanks much in part to World War II. By the 1950’s they were again a dominant force in the Major Leagues, winning the ’51 series on the famous ‘shot heard round the world’ walk-off home run against the rival Dodgers and later the ’54 series, which was their last in New York.

In the late fifties, both the Giants and their rival Dodgers were looking to build new stadiums but faced with issues from the city they both conspired to move to California, which they finalized in 1958.

In the Bay City, the Giants started out playing at Seals Stadium for their first two seasons before moving to Candlestick Park, where they would stay until 1999. Though they would never win a World Series in Candlestick, they won pennants in 1962 and 1989.

Their current Stadium, Oracle Park, has seen much more success on the field. The Giants have won four pennants and three World Series since moving there.


Over the last decade, the Giants have been one of the best teams in baseball, winning World Series in 2010, 2012 and 2014 to go along with their previous titles, won in ’05, ‘21’, ’22, ’33, and ’54.

Their most recent win was against the Kansas City Royals, which they won in seven games. They made the playoffs as a wild card team, beating the Pirates to advance to the NLDS, where they swept Washington and then in the NLCS beat St Louis in five games. In the World Series, the Giant took game one before dropping the next two, but then came back to win games four, five and seven to win the championship.

Famous players

A total of twenty-four Giants players grace the walls of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Some of the more notable names are Willy Mays, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal Gaylord Perry and Orlando Cepeda.

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