UFC 239: Jones vs Santos Betting Odds, The GOAT Is Favorite Against Marreta

UFC 239: Jones vs Santos Betting Odds, The GOAT Is Favorite Against Marreta

UFC 239: Jones vs Santos Betting Odds, The GOAT Is Favorite Against Marreta

Many consider Jon “Bones” Jones to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time, and UFC 239 will give Thiago “Marreta” Santos the chance of trying to take the light heavyweight title out of his hands.

Jon Jones vs. Thiago Santos Betting Odds: What to Consider

Now, before searching for the right UFC 239 betting odds to make your bets, consider the following information:

Jon Jones: The GOAT

Even as an amateur fighter, Jones has never gotten beaten by a rival, and his resume is GOAT-worthy. Needless to say, this is definitely vital info when it comes to choosing the right Jones vs. Santos odds.

He understands distance and range very well and has a lot of power when it comes to grappling, striking, and defense. And it’s almost unfair to be this good!

With that said, everybody can be beaten, and Jones has just not found a fighter that can match his whole range of impressive skills.

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Plus, with the help of Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn, he’s always able to come up with the right gameplan for each bout.

Furthermore, he has a lot of reach power due to his freakishly long limbs, and that makes it very difficult for his opponents to approach him.

So, the fact is that vulnerabilities for Jones are few, and those who have attempted to take the title from him all have failed so far.

 Thiago Santos: Who Is He?

UFC 239 betting odds don’t favor Marreta, but if you’re willing to risk your cash on him, you’ll get great profits if he manages to beat Jones.

Santos is a Brazilian with an overall record of 21-6, and a 14-5 record as a UFC fighter.

He has fought both at welterweight and middleweight, but right now he’s a light heavyweight fighter that’s 3-0 since he switched divisions.

So far, he has beaten Eryk Anders, Jimi Manuwa and Jan Blachowicz, and that’s enough resume to grant him a shot at the title.

He’s also a potent striker, with a great variety of punches, and can manage distance pretty well, though there are some concerns regarding his chin, which is considered a bit weak.

Betting on Jones or Santos

Putting your money on the Brazilian will get you a big return, but the truth is that most of the bets for this fight are going for Jones.

The reason for this is because Jones is tough to hit as he’s very accurate and works with maximum efficiency.

So, the only real shot for Santos to beat the champ is to become as unpredictable as possible.

And yes, some believe the Brazilian is more powerful, but that power is nothing if you’re not able to land any punches on your rival.

So, do you think Jon Jones will reign supreme and keep his title, or are you willing to risk your cash on Santos to get a better return? Make your bets now!