10 Things to Watch For in the 2021 NFL Season

10 Things to Watch For in the 2021 NFL Season

There's no shortage of storylines that develop in the NFL. The 2021 NFL season is no different. Actually, it may be one of the best NFL seasons to see things develop all around the league.

As for the football betting side, don't you worry. All these might have an impact on the NFL odds, either for good or bad. We have plenty to talk about, so let's not waste any more time, and let's hop into the best 10 things to watch for in the 2021 NFL season!

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10 Things to Watch For in the 2021 NFL Season

10- The Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence era begins!

Got to be honest, this storyline may last just for a month, but entering the season is one of the most appealing ones. Trevor Lawrence is the highest-touted prospect since Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Those are massive steps to follow. Lawrence has been poised for excellence since high school, so people expect him to guide the Jaguars to a handful of victories in his rookie year.

Joining him, another college legend like Urban Meyer. The former Florida and Ohio State head coach is regarded as a brilliant football mind. However, his reputation is merely based on his time at the NCAA. He will be making his NFL head coaching debut this year. The tandem with Lawrence creates high expectations, and this year is our first taste of it.

9- Can the Chiefs become a dynasty?

Many can argue the Chiefs are already an AFC dynasty. They've been to the last four AFC Championship games, winning two of them. Being the team to beat, KC is once again the odds favorites to win the AFC and the Super Bowl.

The offensive core is intact as Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce are still on the team. The Chiefs brought a plethora of top talent in the O-Line, and have 'Big Red' Andy Reid as HC. If they win the chip, could they be called a dynasty once and for all? The odds mark them at +500 to win the Lombardi.

8- Is Tua the guy for Miami?

Two years ago, Twitter was melting down with the #TankForTua movement. Then the Dolphins actually got the Alabama alumn in their team. He was not the starter, as veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick was balling out of his mind. Tua was appointed as the starter at a suspicious time last season, and the fact is, he was too shy, too scared to let his arm go.

Now, Fitzpatrick is out of the team, Tua got new weapons in WRs Jaylen Waddle and Will Fuller, and it's time for him to either prove he is the right man for the job or tell Miami they botched their rebuilding and need a new face under center.

7- Can Tampa Bay #RunItBack?

Repeating on a Super Bowl appearance is hard, let alone repeating a championship run. Ask the Chiefs. They won in 2019, made it to the Big Sunday in 2020 just to get pummeled by Tampa Bay. However, the Bucs have two specific things that can make them actually two-peat.

One, they became the first team since 1994 to retain their 22 starters after a Super Bowl appearance. Second of all, they have a certain Tom Brady, who has done it all, and is still at the peak of its powers at 43 years old. If someone can go back-to-back, it's Brady and his bunch.

6- Is Justin Fields the Bears' savior?

Is there a more football-obsessed city than Chicago? It's a rhetorical question, the answer is no. It's unbelievable how such a storied franchise hasn't had a decent quarterback in forever. Nevertheless, the Bears didn't hesitate when faced with the unlikely opportunity to select a high prospect like Justin Fields.

It's been said that Andy Dalton will be the QB1 at the start of the season, but that job is Fields' for the taking. Chicago is a postseason team that has an elite defense, offensive talent but had been dealt with under-par signal-callers. Could Justin Fields make them a threat?

5- Will Carson Wentz revive at Indianapolis?

It is a bad beat for Wentz, really. He got injured in 2017 when he was the MVP frontrunner and saw how his backup led the Eagles to a Super Bowl over Brady. Then, the O-line was hampered with injuries, and he got injured as well in 2018. In 2019, he was decent, but his protection was dreadful, and he was injured in the Wildcard Weekend. In 2020, his relationship with the front office and HC Doug Pederson collapsed, and he lost the starting job.

By this point, leaving was his only choice. He reunited with Frank Reich, the former Eagles' OC who guided Wentz to his stellar season in 2017. The Colts are a postseason team that could be something more if they have a good QB. Now, the question is if Wentz can revive his career with Reich and make Indy a force to be reckoned with.

4- Trey Lance or Jimmy G? Who will be the Niners QB1?

Bill Belichick highly cherished Garoppolo, but Brady shipped him out of New England. As the QB of the Niners, he's been three years at the Bay and only one healthy. That one year, he got the Niners to the Super Bowl. Despite that, the doubts regarding his durability and the fact that he is not a top-tier QB made San Francisco take Trey Lance in the draft.

It is a matter of who wins the race to be the franchise QB for a team whose expectations are another run at the Super Bowl.

3- Are the Saints done as a contender?

For the better part of a decade, the Saints were perennial NFC contenders. The reason for that is they had a certified Hall of Famer under center. All good things must come to an end, and Drew Brees retired at the end of last season.

New Orleans has a good team, but you're dead in the water if you don't have a top-tier quarterback. Either Taysom Hill or Jameis Winston will take its place, and none of them is half the QB Brees was. With this in mind, can the Saints be contending, or will there be out of the postseason all along?

2- Aaron Rodgers' drama-filled saga with the Packers

Oh, Aaron, thank you. Thank you for giving one of the most entertaining offseason stories of all time. Rodgers and the Packers have been fighting in the last two years. Rodgers wants to leave or get more power; the Packers are negligent in obliging.

After much drama, Rodgers agreed to one more year, as the Packers weren't looking to trade him. After two consecutive years getting one game away from the Super Bowl, could a third time be the charm to win the Lombardi and get Rodgers' love back again?

1- The Patriots under 'shopaholic' Bill Belichick

Look, it doesn't matter if you like the Patriots or not; you can't tell the NFL history without mentioning New England under Bill Belichick's tenure. After having a 7-9 record, Belichick was all-in as soon as Free Agency opened. Belichick spent more than everyone and wants to get back into the contender's status.

Yes, they were 7-9 but were literally two plays away from a 9-7 record. While Brady won the ring, Belichick proved himself as much. Now he has a better team and a thirst for revenge. Bellichick is going to be a massive storyline to follow, as his stoic personality faces the NFL spotlights once again.