2020 NFL's Half-Season Conclusions - AFC

It seems like yesterday where we saw Chiefs and Texans kick the NFL season off. But here we are, eight weeks later, and it's time to see what the first half of the football season has given us.

Welcome, to our half-season conclusions! Here, we take an insight into what has been good, bad and take a look at the future for next season after what the AFC teams have shown us. Register now at Betmania to get access to the best NFL odds, futures, and Super Bowl LV prop bets. Betmania offers the best sports betting action.

AFC North:

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-0):

  • Good: Only unbeaten team in the NFL, elite defense, and prolific offense. Super Bowl contender and Mike Tomlin should be a coach of the year candidate.
  • Bad: If Roethlisberger goes down, it's season over for this team.
  • 2021: Draft a decent QB to learn from Big Ben's last gasp. Get another running back.

Baltimore Ravens (5-2): 

  • Good: Their defensive line is one of the best in the whole league. Also, probably the best CB duo in the league, with Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters.
  • Bad: They can't win the big games. They are getting close to being chokers.
  • 2021: Get another Wide Receiver—point-blank.

Cleveland Browns (5-3):

  • Good: Stefansky has formed an identity and a competitive team.
  • Bad: Two top teams faced, not even 10 points scored. Baker Mayfield is not the QB we once thought it was.
  • 2021: Not much you can do. Mayfield is not a valuable asset to trade; add some depth into the defensive line.

Cincinnati Bengals (2-5-1):

  • Good: Joe Burrow is the man. He is the guy to fix this franchise.
  • Bad: Protect Joe Burrow, the second most sacked QB in the league.
  • 2021: Draft, sign, and do everything to strengthen the offensive line, and the defense needs to replace Carlos Dunlap's departure.

AFC West:

 Kansas City Chiefs (7-1):

  • Good: They are the best team in football. Patrick Mahomes and his plethora of weapons are unstoppable.
  • Bad: They seem to be out of hunger like the fury switch is off, and that's no good.
  • 2021: Keep the roster the same. Maybe add some pieces to the Offensive Line.

Las Vegas Raiders (4-3):

  • Good: Derek Carr is having a great season, enough to trust him.
  • Bad: The team is so irregular that they're a betting disaster.
  • 2021: Add depth into the secondary and defensive line.

Denver Broncos (3-4):

  • Good: Next year it will be better. Let's be patient with Drew Lock
  • Bad: Health-wise, they've suffered, and that ruined their season. 
  • 2021: Focus on health and depth on the offensive and defensive line.

Los Angeles Chargers (2-5):

  • Good: Justin Herbert is incredible. 
  • Bad: The team can't close the games; they lose tightly every week. Anthony Lynn has to go.
  • 2021: New head coach, and keep the weapons they have for Herbert.

AFC South:

Tennessee Titans (5-2):

  • Good: Tannehill and Henry are two of the most effective tandems in the league.
  • Bad: They can't pressure the QB, and their secondary is awful. Terrible on the defensive side.
  • 2021: Get back on track with defensive picks or free agents.

Indianapolis Colts (5-2):

  • Good: Their defense is excellent and efficient enough offense.
  • Bad: Philip Rivers won't get you anywhere. He is decent at best.
  • 2021: Trade Rivers, look for a decent, young QB, maybe a Baker Mayfield, and start pushing the pedal to the metal.

Houston Texans (1-6):

  • Good: They've signed Deshaun Watson for the future and fired Bill O'Brien.
  • Bad: They don't have answers. They are stuck in the mud.
  • 2021: Well, O'Brien traded their top picks. You need to trade for value and let JJ Watt go.

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6):

  • Good: They have some hidden gems in DJ Chark and James Robinson.
  • Bad: Gardner Minshew is talented but irregular. Also, their defense is no good at all—the second-worst in the NFL.
  • 2021: Get some secondary players, and change head coach.

AFC East:

 Buffalo Bills (6-2):

  • Good: Complete roster all-around. If they get going, they're a dark horse.
  • Bad: Josh Allen dipped in his form, consistency is key, and they need to get it back.
  • 2021: Grab a CB if you can. Tre'Davious White is elite, and a partner in crime would do wonders for the team.

Miami Dolphins (4-3):

  • Good: They are competing, Flores has done a terrific job.
  • Bad: It's a strong gamble to bench Fitzpatrick when you're competing for a playoffs spot for an injury-prone, left-handed QB in Tua. However, Tagovailoa could be a pleasant surprise.
  • 2021: Add a running game, and get one more good wideout.

New England Patriots (2-5):

  • Good: They have finally realized it's time for a rebuild after 20 years of dominance.
  • Bad: Cam Newton wasn't the guy they hoped.
  • 2021: Let's see Belichick do his magic in the draft and a new QB under center.

New York Jets (0-7):

  • Good: Nothing.
  • Bad: Front office, Adam Gase, roster. I mean, this could be an article by itself...
  • 2021: TREVOR LAWRENCE. You can't botch Trevor Lawrence.

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