2020 NFL's Half-Season Conclusions - NFC

2020 NFL's Half-Season Conclusions - NFC

Oh, man! What has the first eight weeks has the NFL given us. Everyone knows the NFL is different from other leagues. It provides so much excitement at such a frenetic pace that we are now at the halfway point of the season in the blink of an eye.


It's time to expose the NFL half-season conclusions. To do this, there will be three different categories for the outcomes: the good, the bad, and 2021. Register now at Betmania to get access to the best NFL odds, futures, and Super Bowl LV prop bets. 



NFC North

 Green Bay Packers (5-2):

  • Good: Aaron Rodgers is still a bad man, and have the third-best offense in the league without having much health or weapons at their disposal. 
  • Bad: They can't defend the run, and if Rodgers gets pressured, he has little to no way out because of the lack of talent around him.
  • 2021: After messing up what should've been a very easy offseason, 2021 needs to be a "Help ARod" campaign. Get him a top-class wide receiver, for crying out loud.


Chicago Bears (5-3):

  • Good: Their defense is still excellent and, Foles may not be a top-notch QB, but he can come clutch from time to time.
  • Bad: Yes, we just praised Foles, a smart QB, but he is not that talented, and this franchise desperately needs a talented guy under center. Also, get yourselves an Offensive Line.
  • 2021: Their run game is the second-worst in the league. They have to draft another running back since Tarik Cohen is awfully injured, and David Montgomery has not lived up to the expectations.


Detroit Lions (3-4):

  • Good: Their offensive side is stacked with playmakers.
  • Bad: If you don't fire Matt Patricia after this season, it's like they are trying to mess up really bad.
  • 2021: Only five picks and ten sacks, the next draft should focus on the defensive roster. And hopefully, they have a new head coach by then.


Minnesota Vikings (2-5):

  • Good: Dalvin Cook is such a good dual-threat. He brings to mind the pre-injury version of Todd Gurley. He averages 5.3 yards per attempt and has 11 TDs already.
  • Bad: Kirk Cousins is awful, and his time is over. Also, they lost too much talent on defense, so now they can't stop a cold to save their lives.
  • 2021: Draft defensive playmakers, and, if possible, get a better QB.


NFC West:

Seattle Seahawks (6-1):

  • Good: Russell Wilson is an MVP caliber player, and they have the best offense in the league.
  • Bad: Their defense is historically bad, especially their secondary, but they need to get better if they want a Super Bowl.
  • 2021: Get a new defensive coordinator, Ken Norton had a great first run, but since he got back to Seattle in 2018, the defense hasn't looked good. Oh, and they should get Russell Wilson a little more protection? He is always scrambling because his O-Line always buckles.

 Arizona Cardinals (5-2):

  • Good: DeAndre Hopkins and Kyler Murray have flat out balled this season, and that's a tandem to be reckoned with every week.
  • Bad: Their running defense, they are ranked 25th in that department.
  • 2021: Everyone would like to see them go for a pass rusher and free safety to be alongside Budda Baker in the secondary.

 Los Angeles Rams (5-3):

  • Good: They're unbeaten at the new SoFi Stadium and have looked pretty solid at times.
  • Bad: Jared Goff has yet to prove his worth. Sean McVay is critical at the playcalling for the Rams' offense to work. Goff is an anchor.
  • 2021: They need to innovate in the offense. McVay is effective but relies too much on drag routes off of the play-action. Get a deep threat and try shifting a bit of that scheme. It's getting predictable.

San Francisco 49ers (4-4):

  • Good: Kyle Shanahan is one of -if not the- best offensive play-callers in the NFL.
  • Bad: Jimmy Garoppolo is a problem, he is not good enough, and they are struggling hard to keep themselves healthy.
  • 2021: They need to get some Wide Receivers for the upcoming season. They are seriously short-sized and have no playmakers in that position.


NFC South:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-2):

  • Good: Tom Brady. What a player and what a leader. Serious contenders. Their defense against the run is also top-notch.
  • Bad: They should have a bit more depth in the secondary, but really is not much to worry about.
  • 2021: Try to keep their squad intact, chemistry is already getting there, and Brady isn't getting any younger. Keep it the way it is and improve the defensive depth.

New Orleans Saints (5-2):

  • Good: Alvin Kamara is back to his elite ways. The most dangerous weapon in the NFL right now.
  • Bad: Drew Brees has not been with his best receiver, but he has stepped down from his usual form. Concerning.
  • 2021: Keep their core. Drew Brees is on borrowed time, hold on to their roster and support him. He is not elite anymore, but with proper help, he can get it done.

 Carolina Panthers (3-5):

  • Good: They've been highly competitive without McCaffrey. Matt Rhule is doing a helluva job in his first season as HC.
  • Bad: Teddy Bridgewater is good, but he is not a franchise-level QB.
  • 2021: Add some more defensive prowess and if they can get a hold of a Tight End as an escape route, go ahead.

 Atlanta Falcons (2-6):

  • Good: Dan Quinn is gone, and you still have the talent to make a fast rebuild.
  • Bad: Raheem Morris can't be the HC for next year. They still lose games in the dumbest of ways.
  • 2021: Lure a good head coach, and also, are they going to keep Matt Ryan?


NFC East: 

Philadelphia Eagles (3-4-1):

  • Good: They're going to make the playoffs because of pure format.
  • Bad: Carson Wentz leads the league in interceptions. The team is all sorts of injured, but Wentz decision making is awful.
  • 2021: Start fresh, get rid of Wentz's contract if possible, and start Jalen Hurts.

Washington Football Team (2-5):

  • Good: Their passing defense is the best in the league, and Ron Rivera has made a remarkable impact on that side of the ball
  • Bad: Their QB depth chart may be the worst in the whole NFL. Seriously bad.
  • 2021: Get a QB, if possible, and another wideout.

Dallas Cowboys (2-6):

  • Good: Nothing.
  • Bad: Useless offensively after Dak's injury, and defensively fragile. An awful first season of Mike McCarthy as head coach.
  • 2021: Low-risk, high-reward, draft Justin Fields, there's no time or point in gambling on Dak and his contract after that injury.

New York Giants (1-7):

  • Good: They are getting better, despite their record. And their defense is solid.
  • Bad: Daniel Jones can't complete a game without turnovers to save his life.
  • 2021: Strengthen the offensive line and the secondary.


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