NBA Finals Prediction: Cavaliers vs. Warriors Game #5

By Peter Phillips

The Cavaliers are still holding on to a thread of hope as they head to Oakland for a crucial Game 5. Though the 9-point favorites, the Warriors should be worried that Cleveland might pull an epic comeback as they did last year and knowing LeBron James, the championship is still up for grabs.


With less than just a lifeline, the Cavaliers flipped on another gear and sparked the series back to life in Game 4 on Friday, bamboozling the Warriors by 137-116.

The Cavaliers seeking to be the first series team in NBA history to offset a 3-0 deficit in their playoffs came out guns blazing in what was to be a record-setting first half of NBA history.

They outclassed the Warriors to historic records ranging from most points (48) in finals first quarter, most points (86) in a finals’ half and an unbelievable 24-three pointers in just 45 attempts.

If the Cavaliers were to stand a chance, then, its magic duo of Kyrie Irving and LeBron James would have to rise to the occasion and step up they did!

Doing just what he has become famed for, Lebron secured a ninth Finals triple-double (31-10-11) to catapult him into the history books over the iconic Michael Jordan who had a record 8 triple-doubles.

As for Irving, he sparked to life with a terrific game-high 40 points and 7 out of 12 three pointers all from outside the arc.

What surprised just about everyone was that Kyrie and LeBron finally got a little bit of help from their cast. Kevin Love came into life hitting six three’s while racking a total 23 points, Thompson (Tristan) hit a resounding double-digit rebound (10) which was a first in the entire series for him while the bench contributed a combined total of 23 points compared to a meager 11 during Game 2.

While pulling off another historic comeback with an impeccable offensive showing like in Game 3 is a far-fetched possibility, especially with a dreaded road travel to the Oracle Arena for Game 5, provided Irving, James and the supporting cast fight for their life’ like showcased in Game 4, a return trip back for Game 6 back in Cleveland is not out of play yet.


Falling short of a historic sweep in the playoffs, the Warriors witnessed first-hand just why the Cavaliers took them down in the 2016 Finals. Not only did they crumble under the pressing offense of the Cavaliers, but they also saw their perfect postseason run (15-0) come to an untimely end and in a rather embarrassing manner. It was surprisingly the first time since April that they lost a game.

In their defense, it may be fair to point out the exceptionally poor refereeing. It was, however, a highly tested contest with both teams combining for six technical and one fragrant foul.

Nevertheless, bad officiating should be the last of excuses for the Dubs. Despite having a combined 27 fouls plus 12 turnovers, their opponents surprisingly had 24 and 11 respectively.

Consecutively, the Warriors were hindered by the hair-splitting contest pace more than the blistering tempers flaring in the game.

Moreover, they still showcased a wonderful performance with their ‘big gun’ Durant scoring a total 35 points despite the loss. Curry, on the other hand, completed just four out of 13 field-goal attempts ending with 14 points although he dished a superb 10 assists. Green, who missed last season’s final was almost ejected from the game but still made 16 points plus 14 boards.

It is no secret that the Dubs will be ruing their missed chances from Game 4, but don’t vote against them sweeping the series on Monday. With an average post-season scoring rate of 118.3 points while at home, and limiting their opponents to slightly above 100 points, it is game on back at Oakland.


Warriors will exert sweet revenge by sweeping the ‘Larry O’Brien’ trophy at their home turf, although the Cavaliers will put up yet another valiant effort to take it to the stretch, 123-119.

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