MLB Teams Under the Most Pressure in 2020

MLB Teams Under the Most Pressure in 2020

The Major League Baseball consists of 30 teams, with different ambitions, cap space, and realities.

That doesn't mean, however, that you can rest on your laurels as a franchise in baseball's best league. The 2020 season may have been delayed, but that doesn't change the fact that the pressure is on the teams when the league starts.

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6. Washington Nationals:

After winning the World Series, you'd suppose the pressure is high to revalidate your crown. That's true for the Nationals, to some degree. However, the Nats won the World Series with lots of pressure to deal with last year. Besides, Max Scherzer, Trea Turner, and Juan Soto are in their primes, so they should be able to push for the crown again.

5. Boston Red Sox:

When your name is the Red Sox, you're always dealing with vast amounts of pressure. When you combine that with an oddly quiet off-season, the talent you have (Eduardo Rodriguez, Xander Bogaerts, etc.), and the investigation regarding possible cheating in their 2018 championship run have the Red Sox in the eye of the storm.

4.Los Angeles Angels:

When you have the best player in the game, and possibly en route to being the best to ever do it, in Mike Trout, how on Earth have you only played three games in post-season since having him? Of course, the pressure is as high as it comes. With the likes of Joe Maddon, Anthony Rendon, Julio Teheran, and Dylan Bundy also in the roster, it's time for the Angels to deliver.

3.New York Yankees:

The most iconic brand in baseball is always going to have pressure to dominate and win. With a stacked roster and names like newly arrived Gerrit Cole, Aaron Judge, Gleyber Torres, Giancarlo Santon, and many more, the Yankees are basically obligated to win the World Series and finally end their 11-year drought.

2.Los Angeles Dodgers:

32 years. That's how much has passed since the Dodgers last won the World Series. So, as one of the most storied franchises in the league, that should be enough pressure. Then you add that they lost the 2017 World Series to cheaters Houston Astros and 2018 to also cheaters Boston Red Sox, and that's just plain cruel for the Dodgers fandom.

The Dodgers are a great baseball team. They have been cheated out of two possible championships. With players with the caliber of Mookie Betts, David Price, Cody Bellinger, Clayton Kershaw, and so on, you get the point, Dodgers' time is now or never, they have a deep roster and have blood boiling over being screwed in the recent past.

1.Houston Astros:

So, the Houston Astros enchanted baseball world with their great squad, affable players, talented and fantastic roster. Games boosted up if the Astros were on the baseball diamond. However, an investigation revealed Astros cheated, stole signs, and all their beloved players like Jose Altuve, and Justin Verlander are now hated throughout the league, so is the team as a whole. 

Astros are now the villains of the league and have to prove their World Series championship is not a product of blatant cheating.