2020 MLB Top Contenders

2020 MLB Top Contenders

Major League Baseball is about to start, and since they announced the 60-game format season, we have determined the contenders, but who is the one that can lead them into glory?

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National League:

-- Player to watch out: We could have gone with Clayton Kershaw, but we know his choking is a big deal come playoff time. Therefore, Cody Bellinger is the one who needs to lead the LA team to finish their drought.

  • Atlanta Braves: The Braves are a somewhat of a dark horse in the National League waiting to produce upset after upset.

-- Player to watch out: Freddie Freeman. The first baseman is an absolute threat and one of the best first-pitch hitters on the league.

  • Washington Nationals: The current champions won the World Series because of a fantastic rotation and hope to replicate their success.

-- Player to watch out: Stephen Strasburg. Strasburg is elite, and his output on the mount is vital for the Nationals to try and win their second World Series in a row.

  • New York Mets: The Mets are dark horses for the season and can complicate many teams based on a solid roster with plenty of talent.

--Player to watch out: Pete Alonso. An incredible home runner and an exceptional fielder, Alonso is a straight-up MVP contender.

American League:

  • New York Yankees: After their first decade in almost 100 years without a World Series appearance, the Yankees have made the right moves to win the glory again.

-- Player to watch out: Aaron Judge. The Gerritt Cole effect was tempting, but Judge is a baller, arguably a top-five talent in the MLB, and is the one to guide the Bronx Bombers to lift the trophy.

  • Minnesota Twins: The Twins are in a good spot for this season, and if people sleep on them, they ould be shaking some heads in the 2020 season.

--Player to watch out: Josh Donaldson. One of the best third basemen in the MLB, Donaldson's output, is an incredible incentive for the Twins to reach higher heights.

  • Houston Astros: The Houston Astros are in the eye of the hurricane because of their blatant cheating en route to their 2017 championship. However, their team is still very talented and one of the strongest in the American League.

--Player to watch: It has to be Jose Altuve. When Altuve is in fine form, he can be an MVP, as shown in years prior.

  • Los Angeles Angels: Solid additions, and you have the best player in baseball in Mike Trout. The Angels are sleepers, but they shouldn't, they can surprise more than once this season.

-- Player to Watch: Mike Trout. As said before, Trout is just a baseball wonder that the Angels have wasted. But this year can be different. Mike Trout is a man on a mission, and they have the tools to at least reach the playoffs and make some noise.